How to Select an Effective Workplace Trainer

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Written by Jenn Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator OSG’s specific Train-the-Trainer courses, in conjunction with our mandatory Train-the-Trainer day, give participants a complete set of tools and techniques to deliver top-notch training in their workplace. One of the keys to a successful Train-the-Trainer program is that the participant leaves the course with the ability to […]

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The Perfect Number of Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Members

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  Written by Jenn Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator When forming a JHSC in your workplace, the question of the “perfect” number of members is one that comes up time and time again. The easy answer is, that the perfect number of JHSC members is whatever is legally required. Not so fast – the answer […]

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Safe Workplace Holiday Parties

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Written by Jenna Kressler | Curriculum Developer With the holidays fast approaching, companies are holding their annual holiday parties. Not only is providing food and drinks a great way to boost company morale, but it also gives a chance for co-workers to mingle and socialize with each other on a more casual basis and it can […]

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Lanyard Use in a Mobile Elevated Work Platform

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Written by Jeff Thorne | Manager of Training and Consulting Specific changes to O.Reg 213/91 – Construction Projects came into force on January 1st 2016, providing additional guidance as to how an operator of an elevated work platform is to be protected. Some of you know how much fun legislation is, and that sometimes it’s […]

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Employee Performance Management Harrassment

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Written by Attorney Ron LeClair | Owner LeClair and Associates Pursuant to recent amendments to the OHSA under Bill 132, an employer’s right to provide “reasonable” performance management and direction to a worker “will not be considered workplace harassment”. The OHSA does not define “reasonable” performance management, nor does it set out any test to establish […]

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Employee Winter Driving Safety Guidelines

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Written by Jenn Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator Snow, Ice, and winter driving; all part and parcel to Canadian life. For most Canadians, when the winter weather really gets severe, they avoid unnecessary travel in order to evade potential traffic disasters. However, not all of us have the choice to stay off the roads. When […]

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Asbestos in the Workplace

Staff removing some asbestos in a post of transformer

Thousands of people die every year from asbestos-related illnesses. With the right knowledge and precautions, you and your co-workers can avoid this fate. Until the health risks associated with asbestos were well understood, it was considered to be a ubiquitous and versatile construction material. Due to its hazardous nature, its use in modern times is […]

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Be Safe News – December, 2016


  Do you want to receive the latest and safest news directly to your inbox? It’s easy! Press the button below to subscribe! View Printer Friendly Version   BE INFORMED Employee Winter Driving Safety Guidelines Written by Jenn Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator Snow, Ice, and winter driving; all part and parcel to Canadian life. For […]

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Bill 70 Schedule 16: Health & Safety Management System Accreditation


  On Thursday December 8th, 2016 schedule 16 of Bill 70 received royal assent. Schedule 16 of the bill proposes an accreditation program for health and safety management systems. Bill 70: Changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act Bill 70, Building Ontario Up for Everyone Act (Budget Measures), 2016, will, among other things, amend the Occupational Health and […]

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The Benefits of Train-the-Trainer Programs

Benefits of Train the Trainer

With so many training options available to employers, Train-the-Trainer programs are often overlooked. Employers may tend to shy away from Train-the-Trainer programs as they initially appear more expensive, or they worry that no one in their workplace will be comfortable delivering training to their peers. A simple shift in thinking can change the way that […]

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