After a Workplace Accident: How to Support the JHSC

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An effective Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is the cornerstone of a successful health and safety program. Comprised of both managers and workers, the JHSC aims to improve health and safety in the workplace. Despite the JHSC’s commitment and best effort, what happens if an accident occurs? In the wake of a workplace tragedy, […]

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Labeling Your Harness – What is Best Practice?

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As a general best practice, the health and safety professionals at OSG do not recommend marking fall protection harnesses or writing on them at all. While some safety websites stipulate that writing on the tags only with a Sharpie-brand marker* is okay, OSG maintains that writing on any part of fall protection harnesses compromises their […]

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Top 5 Adjustments Trainers Make on the Fly!

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Being a health and safety trainer is kind of like being an actor: rehearsal is the key to success. However, the best actors and the best health and safety trainers share a commonality outside of the need for frequent rehearsal – they are both also skilled at improv! Workplace health and safety trainers often have […]

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Importance of Taking Vacation Time

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Most people take their vacation time and understand the benefits of taking time off work, right? Wrong. If you are like the majority of North Americans, you will not use your entire vacation entitlement this year. Why not? Is it because management frowns on those who take vacations? Not exactly. Although that perception may exist […]

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Beat the Heat: Dealing with Hot Workplaces

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Ahhhhhh summer, it’s finally upon us. The sun, the surf and the sand, and that high humidity that our Canadian summers can bring! Love it or hate it, it’s our climate. With those hot, hazy summer days, comes a workplace hazard that often goes overlooked: heat stress. Employers have a duty to ensure that reasonable […]

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MOL’s Recent Focus on Young and New Workers

Three young employees using modern devices with wireless connection to internet during break in the office

This summer, many employers across the province will hire summer students to bolster their workforces. While hiring students can provide valuable work experience and training opportunities (and short-term access to labour), employers need to be aware of potentially increased liability for workplace injuries or illnesses suffered by young and new workers. The MOL classifies “young workers” […]

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Summer Health & Safety Hazards/Considerations You Need to Know About

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When it comes to summer work health and safety, there are a multitude of things to consider, far beyond the usual advice such as, “don’t forget sunscreen if you work outdoors!” and “drink more water on hotter days – especially if you work in a warm environment, like a kitchen!” Sunny days and the promise […]

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Timeline: Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Over the Past 150 Years

Canada150 (1)-01

Our beautiful nation has turned 150 years old, and as we celebrate this major milestone with the country, OSG is also celebrating its own milestone. This year marks our 20th year of saving lives by providing accessible occupational health and safety training and consulting. In honour of these milestones, we would like to reflect on how […]

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Be Safe News – June 2017


View Printer Friendly Version   BE INFORMED Summer Health & Safety Hazards/Considerations You Need to Know About Written by Jennifer Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator When it comes to summer work health and safety, there are a multitude of things to consider, far beyond the usual advice such as, “don’t forget sunscreen if you work outdoors!” […]

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5 Expert Tips for Keeping JHSC Meetings on Track

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Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) meetings may differ slightly from typical business meetings, but the difference is primarily in the discussion topic, not how the meetings are conducted. By any other definition, a JHSC meeting is a meeting, and that means that a JHSC meeting is susceptible to the same pitfalls as business meetings, […]

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