2017 Day of Mourning

About the National Day of Mourning

Download a printable version of our poster and hang it in your office!

Download a printable version of our poster and hang it in your office!

The National Day of Mourning is held every year on April 28th to commemorate those hurt or who lost their lives while on the job and to remember the importance of workplace health and safety. On parliament hill, and at all federal buildings, Canadian flags will be put at half-mast. Around the nation, candles are lit, people wear commemorative clothing, lay wreaths, and pause for a moment of silence at 11:00am.

Accidents are Preventable

Workplace accidents are preventable. At OSG we aim to reduce the number of workplace accidents by providing accessible training and consulting, with a focus on preventing workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. We believe that accessible training is the key to saving lives, and work in partnership with employers, to ensure that the workplace is a happy and healthy one.




Letter from OSG’s Chief Operating Officer

Re: 2017 Day of Mourning

In 2015, there were 852 workplace deaths recorded in Canada. On top of this, 232,629 claims for work-related injury and illness were filed. Each of these individuals had the right to return home from work in the same condition in which they arrived, but that right was taken from them. This is why at Occupational Safety Group (OSG), we work to make workplaces safer, and this is why the National Day of Mourning is so important.

As a workplace health and safety training provider, we take the commemoration of the National Day of Mourning very seriously. On April 28th, in all of our offices, we take time to reflect on everything that the Day of Mourning represents. Our mission at OSG is to ensure that all workers return home at the end of the workday, back into the arms of their friends, families, and loved ones. The National Day of Mourning serves as a reminder of why OSG must continue this mission, and why it remains so important. We aim to help people by providing accessible training, and to make workplaces safer. We have been on this mission for 20 years, and we have no plans on stopping.

On behalf of all of OSG, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to everyone affected by workplace tragedies. I urge all employers and employees to always make health and safety a top priority. It is only as a collective, through hard work, support and diligence that we can inspire change.

On April 28th, I encourage everyone to take time to remember those who have lost their lives, or become injured or ill, as the result of a workplace accident. Health and safety is important, and together, we can start to change the stories from ones borne of tragedy, to ones that celebrate workplace health and safety successes.

Todd Bond
Chief Operating Officer
Occupational Safety Group Inc.