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The Occupational Health and Safety Act states, “An employer shall… provide information, instruction, and supervision to a worker to protect the health and safety of the worker.”
A safe workplace is the right of every employee and the obligation of every employer.  At Occupational Safety Group Inc., we are your Health & Safety partners and support you in working towards your goal of reducing the risk of occupational injury and illness. Through training, consulting, and evaluating, we understand your Health & Safety needs, know the challenges you face in maintaining a positive health and safety culture.

Health & Safety Training

Workplace Safety is not an accident - it is a result of well-trained employees and workplace programs designed to ensure every reasonable step has been taken to protect people, equipment, and the employer's products. It is about meeting or exceeding legal requirements and diligent surveillance of workers and the workplace.

We can train you in one of four ways:

  1. By attending one of our regularly scheduled classes. This allows you to benefit from the shared experience of your peers from other businesses and different industries. We have regularly scheduled classes in all the major cities in Ontario. See our Public Training Courses available.
  2. By arranging with OSG to conduct training to your specific requirements, at a location of your choice or in one of our training centres. This alternative is appropriate when you need to train large numbers of employees, would like to have the training performed 'out of hours', or require company confidentiality. We will teach your people at their convenience, any hour, any day and in any location. Fill out our request form for Private Training Courses and a Health & Safety Advisor will contact you shortly.
  3. We will train one or more of your own staff and provide them with course materials so that they are themselves equipped to train other employees. See our Train the Trainer Courses available across Ontario.
  4. Whether you need a few or a lot of people trained, our Online safety training solutions are available from the comfort of your own desk. No commuting necessary!

Safety Consulting

When it comes to workplace safety, you don't want to find out too late there was something you missed! Call our Health & Safety Advisors at 800.815.9980 to set up: 

OSG Book Store

Order your NEW 2014 Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations featuring important reference information that may affect your company! Or pick up your OSG Training DVDs, Participant Manuals, Train-the-Trainer Materials, and TDG Handbook. Enter the bookstore.


Call our Health & Safety Advisors at 800.815.9980 for more information about our training and services.

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