November 2017 Review: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results


The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) schedules blitzes and initiatives every year that aim to make workplaces safer for Ontarians. The blitzes and initiatives are scheduled in specific sectors, and are meant to ensure that both the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act are being followed. As well, blitzes and […]

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Parliament Takes a Stand: Bill C-65 Proposed to Take Aim at Harassment in Federal Workplaces


With news stories pouring in daily about the terrible misconduct of Hollywood’s most powerful, the Canadian government is proactively taking steps to ensure that federal employees, from the most prominent politicians down to bank and postal workers, do not find their names in the news for all the wrong reasons. In its second reading, Bill […]

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When the Cure Makes You Sick: Examining the Use and Effects of McIntyre Powder Use in Miners


Between 1943 and 1980, thousands of miners were forced to inhale McIntyre Powder before entering gold and uranium mines. It was believed that the McIntyre Powder provided prophylactic protection against silicosis of the lungs caused by the high volume of silica produced as part of the mining process. The adverse health effects of McIntyre Powder […]

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Occupational Cancer Research Centre Releases New Work-related Cancer Data


A new report by the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC), titled Occupational Cancer in Ontario, was published September 28, 2017. The report has identified the top four causes (the report refers to them as “big hitters”) of workplace-caused cancer. They are: Solar radiation Asbestos Diesel-engine exhaust Crystalline silica It states that 1400 workers are diagnosed […]

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How does Burnout Affect Workplace Health and Safety?


In a previous article, we discussed what job burnout is, the differences between stress and burnout, and the symptoms of burnout. When you think about hazards in the workplace, maybe you think of machine guarding, lockout, or fall hazards. Maybe you even think of the less obvious hazards, such as workplace harassment or ergonomics. Rarely does […]

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Work Reintegration for Non-Work Related Injury or Medical Condition


So, you’re on the mend, or are now capable of returning to work after experiencing a non-work related injury or medical condition. There are different procedures and specific legislation for both work and non-work related illness and injury that employees and employers must abide by. For this article, we will be looking at work reintegration […]

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How to Improve Training Results


We hear the constant declaration that common sense is required in health and safety but based on current accident statistics, it simply demonstrates that it doesn’t exist. If common sense were a reality, then there would be no need for orientations or training, people would somehow magically know what to do. The evidence shows that […]

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