JHSC Meeting Preparation

The meeting agenda should be sent out one week in advance of the meeting date. All additions to the agenda should be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting by notifying the appropriate Co-chair to provide ample time to prepare a new agenda. Meetings should have a defined purpose, participation that is meaningful by all members, an action plan, and accountability for all members, and finally, wrapping up the meeting with a conclusion.

Required to prepare:

  • Setting the meeting dates, times and meeting duration (if necessary pre-book the meeting room for those dates);
  • Prepare and distribute an agenda;
  • Review feedback from the agenda and re-issue with additions;
  • Safety meeting structure, presentation and control;
  • Minutes with required action, responsibilities and completion dates;
  • Collect facility/plant safety inspection reports from the most recent inspection; and
  • Accident and incident reviews

Establishing regular meeting dates and times is the most effective method of: