Meet OSG Trainer/Consultant Norman Pase

Norm Pase OSG health and safety trainingNorm has been with OSG for a year, and he comes to us with a vast amount of experience and education. His qualifications include two Master’s degrees; one in International Relations, the other in Labour Studies. Collectively, they contribute to a global understanding of varied labour systems and legislative approaches to regulating work. Norm’s experience is vast. Some of his former positions include: national union representative, workplace safety consultant, and sessional professor of a university. Norm’s methodical approach to health and safety training and passion as a workplace researcher contribute to his commitment toward the improvement of workplace safety. His specialties include a cross pollination of labour relations, Canada wide employment standards, and common OHSA topics such as Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification, as well as more common hands on training systems including safe operation of lift trucks.

Norm is currently working toward his CRSP designation, and intends to complete a PhD in Public Policy in the future. In addition to his professional goals and his passion for knowledge, Norm also enjoys racing road bikes. He also hosts forums on international affairs for the Canadian International Council. Through course reviews, our clients have deemed him to be an exceptional writer and story-teller, which make his training classes both memorable and entertaining.

“Diligence is what keeps people safe…sometimes it is what keeps them alive.”

-Norm Pase

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What people are saying about Norm Pase

“Norm is an engaging presenter, well done! Everything covered in JHSC Part 1 and 2 will help me in my new role on the JHSC. I enjoyed this training.”

Joanne Brennan, College of Family Physicians of Canada

“Norm did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. He made the course fly by. Thank you!”

Kevin Parmanand, Tesla Motors