Pre-Workwell Auditing (Ontario)

Failure to pass the audit after the second evaluation will result in an additional premium charge. This charge will range from 10% to 75% of the firms base annual premium, depending on the seriousness of the shortfalls.

Complying with Workwell consumes a lot of time and resources for your company internally. If you have been selected for Workwell, allow an OSG consultant to help ease the workload and provide you the tools and experience necessary to comply with and pass the audit.

Our health and safety management system is designed specifically to meet the core audit elements listed in the Workwell audit. The policy manual we provide is complete with applicable forms and templates allowing for simplified health and safety management and implementation.

Typically this two day process involves the following:

  • Thorough review of ALL existing health and safety documentation
  • Inspection of facility
  • Random discussions with workers and management
  • Development of health and safety management system
  • Delivery of draft
  • Delivery of report detailing recommendations for implementation


Legislative Reference

Occupational Health and Safety act Part III - Duties of Employers

25.(2) (j) prepare and review at least annually a written occupational health and safety policy and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy

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