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Asbestos Hazard Awareness

Course Length - 4 Hours

Asbestos and asbestos-containing material is a Designated Substance which poses long term health risks to workers when it is disturbed.

This course is designed for constructors, employers and workers involved in construction, building repair, alteration or maintenance.

It is a requirement that all employees who perform work that could disturb asbestos be able to identify potential asbestos containing material, the health risks associated with exposure and the necessary precautions when working around asbestos. Our course will assist in meeting these requirements.

The course is broken down into the following content modules:

  • Applicable legislation

  • Recognizing potential asbestos-containing material

  • Heath risks

  • Requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 glove bag procedures

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Decontamination and personal hygiene

  • Safe work practices

  • Questions and Answers

Course Material:

Participant manual, test, record of attendance and wallet card

Legislative Reference:

O. Reg. 278/05 Designated Substance – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Building and Repair Operations

8(3) (e)establish and maintain, for the training and instruction of every worker employed by the owner who works in the building and may do work described in clause (d), a program dealing with,

(i) the hazards of asbestos exposure,

(ii) the use, care and disposal of protective equipment and clothing to be used and worn when doing the work

(iii) personal hygiene to be observed when doing the work, and

(iv) the measures and procedures prescribed by this Regulation;

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