The Metron Legacy

On the 24th of Dec 2009, an elevated platform collapsed and resulted in four workers falling 13 stories to their death. A fifth worker survived the fall, but sustained devastating, permanent injuries. The Metron incident, as it has come to be known, precipitated a wide ranging review of the state of workplace health and safety policies, procedures and their implementation in Ontario. A key recommendation of the Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health and Safety was the provision of training “…to improve foundational knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of workers (existing and entry-level) and supervisors.”

This recommendation, along with many others of the Expert Advisory Panel, was accepted by the Minister of Labour and was manifested by a law requiring employers to provide this foundational training. In fact, such training was supposed to have been completed, by employers, as of July 1st, 2014. To assist and not overwhelm small business employers, the Ministry has made on-line and printed training materials available to the public, free of charge. These free resources represent the fundamental concepts and ideas of indoctrination for all workers and the minimum standard of compliance with the law.

As is often the case, in the world of health and safety, many enlightened employers choose to exceed the minimum standard of the law. They in fact recognize the benefit of giving workers a greater in depth understanding of the hazards they will be facing and the need to fully address those hazards by having a detailed and comprehensive health and safety management system in place. OSG’s Worker Awareness Training and Supervisor Awareness Competency courses address this need for a more comprehensive understanding of the fundamental ideals and knowledge of workplace hazard awareness. Whether you choose to use the minimal guideline materials or follow through with more in-depth training, a more educated workforce is the ultimate legacy of the tragedy that was the Metron incident.

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