5 Tips for Recruiting JHSC Members

Written by Jennifer Miller, Curriculum Development Coordinator and Kristin Haight, Marketing Coordinator

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) membership has multiple benefits, including training and professional development opportunities, participation in the workplace decision-making process and working with peers and workplace leaders. Being a member of the JHSC means you will have the opportunity to be a direct reason that your colleagues are able to safely return home to loved ones at the end of the workday.

Why then, given the bounty of benefits to JHSC membership, can it be so difficult for employers to recruit willing members for their Joint Health and Safety Committees? It often comes down to a gap in communicating expectations. If workers do not understand what is required of them, they are less likely to join the JHSC. If the time required, roles and responsibilities, training required, and the goals of the committee are not clearly communicated, then many employers run the risk of not recruiting the best members for the JHSC. Additionally, workers tend to under-estimate the value that that their contribution adds to the safety of the workplcae, and employers need to make this explicit! One of the most effective ways to generate interest in the Joint Health and Safety Committee and recruit willing, and enthusiastic employees is to ensure you provide clear communication.

OSG recommends the following tips for recruiting workers and managers to join the JHSC:

Do You Need Help Getting Started?

Having an active JHSC is one of the best ways to generate employee interest in workplace safety.

How to become JHSC certified

  • Step 1: Successfully complete JHSC Part 1
  • Step 2: Successfully complete JHSC Part 2 within six months of completing JHSC Part 1
  • Step 3: Successfully complete JHSC refresher training every three years

OSG provides JHSC Part 1 and Part 2 training. Click here to see OSG’s course calendar for upcoming JHSC Part 1 and 2 Training offerings in your area.

If you have any questions about starting, running or improving your JHSC, or how to recruit workers to join, call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to a Health and Safety expert today!