JHSC Regulations

Section 9 of The Occupational Health and Safety Act specifies the requirements for a joint health and safety committee. The O.H.S.A. applies to all workplaces in Ontario except those covered under the Canada Labour Code. The Act specifies when and how a safety committee should be formed, the minimum number of participants on the committee, and certification training that some members must receive.

The Act details the requirement to select members, establish co-chairs for committee meetings, and explains the powers of the committee. All committee members’ names and work locations must be posted in a conspicuous place so that all workers are familiar with those who represent them on this committee.

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JHSC Part 1 Certification Requirements

JHSC Part 1 Certification Training provides an overall knowledge of health and safety concepts that apply to all workplaces. Participants review various pieces of legislation and a number of standards for health and safety and learn proper methods of recognizing, assessing and controlling workplace health and safety hazards. In addition, the proper way to performing an accident investigation and workplace inspection are key components of this training. The training is only available through an approved program provider such as Occupational Safety Group.

JHSC Part 2 Certification Requirements

JHSC Part 2 Certification Training focuses on the most significant hazards in the workplace of the participant. Once participants have successfully completed the multi-day Part One – Basic Certification training, they return to the workplace and conduct an assessment of the hazards significant in their environments. It is from these assessments that the workplace-specific training is selected and training begins. If possible, this training should be delivered by the same provider that presented Part One – Basic Certification training.

Ontario Joint Health & Safety Committee Regulations

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Regulations for Joint Health & Safety Committees – Ontario

Occupational Health and Safety Act
R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER O.1